Tuesday, January 24, 2006

...Then Reality Is Simply Electrical Signals Interpreted By Your Brain...

This is a list of what I call "Realisms". I like to think of them as societal truths. I was mad at the media at the time.

1) The media cannot be trusted to cover any moral or catastrophic event truthfully. There is too much bias. Moderation is nowhere to be found.

2) Governmental election are always between a lesser of two evils. Even on state and local levels, any representative will make mistakes, and most will be at crucial times.

3)Anything, from horrendous crime to cover-ups can not only be immediately forvien, but completely forgotten. EX: MJ and OJ trials

4)War is extremely harsh and should be avoided at all other costs. None have ever been carried out flawlesssly, and there are always casualties. No war should ever be expected to run smoothly either.

5) Humans will care for other in times of need, but few will ever take action. Most will blame others for contributing too little. Those who do act and few, and they never last long enough. EX: Tsumani

6) Fear is the best motivator. However, it does not last long, and eventually mankind will outgrow a fear. That is why new fears are created every day. EX: DDT, SARS

7) No government can ever take the true meaning of its definition, and this is a good thing. EX: Greece, Rome, and USSR

8) People will blindly follow the opinions, and even rhetoric of others due only to comfort level and habit. Humans do not need truth to believe anything.

9) Scientific theories are not trustworthy. Most are proven wrong, and non should be followed blindly. EX: Dinosaur remains, Global Warming

10) Mankind will always adapt to any situation. Humans will use thier environment to prove a point. This is how we create an equilibrium with nature.


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