Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Well, I WAS having a good day...

Yes yes, it's true. I'm a blog-surfer. I post in waves. Ha, yeah puns. Anyway, I tend to think that if I have nothing profound or political to post about, I shouldn't post at all. Thus, I haven't posted at all. Not that nothing has happened, in fact these past few weekends have been chalk-full of amazing events. Some of the highlights:
  • Spending lots of super quality with the ever lovely Ms. Thompson, who brightens my days.
  • An incredible weekend snowboarding and wrecking havoc with my church buds
  • Watching and laughing at the Super Bowl
  • Listening over and over to inspirational songs that make me think about every part of my life
  • Going to one of the most intense dance parties of all time

Some of the lowlights (Hey, it's a word. I just said it.):

  • Not getting to spend as much time as I would like with the lovely Ms. Thompson. Course that would entail a move on one of our parts and I just can't see that happening.
  • Taking the wickedest fall of all time and almost breaking a vertabrae. Yeah back pain!
  • Not being able to play lacrosse.
  • Not being able to write much this weekend. Vis-a-vis, the lack of blogs.
  • Not being able to get my groove on at the dance party due to the everpresent back pain.
  • Spending all my off hours at the chiropractor.
  • Not growing a single quater-of-an-inch in one year.
  • Re-reading this blog and getting really depressed.

Wow, so now I officially don't want to go do anything, for like a month. I just realized that nothing really good happened today. From waking up with the worst pain in my back so far, to a sub in my favorite class, to being completely lost in physics, to bombing my math test, to being absolutely dead tired after school, to admitting that I am in fact sick, to solving a lot of other peosple's problems, to homework. I'm going to paraphrase Swithfoot on this one: {today} left my head kicked in. Catch you guys on a much better day, I pray.


At Wednesday, February 15, 2006 10:45:00 PM, Blogger Matt W said...

I know what you mean my friend. I decided to just go to sleep and not do homework last night. Unfortunately I found out that I had forgotten about ridiculous amounts of work I should've done. I spent all of before school doing 2nd hour's homework. I failed to turn in a project due 1st hour. I spent 1st hour also doing 2nd hour's homework. I spent second hour doing my Homework for third hour. I spent third hour taking a quiz I wasn't prepared for and doing homework for third hour. I spent Lunch doing the project for 1st hour. I spent 4th hour doing make up work for 6th hour Tuesday Thursday. I spent 5th hour struggling through a test I wasn't prepared for at all. I spent 6th hour trying to BS my 6th hour homework. Not only did I fail to be able to go home today (until now, which is 11:30pm) but I also have found that I must have overworked myself while exercising a few weeks ago. My elbows have about half the range of motion they used to, my wrists hurt immensely and My hip and knee on my left side both hurt so bad that I feel like an old man hobbling down the halls of Arapahoe. To sum up: I know what you mean. However the only consolation I can give you is this...It will end. Eventually the day does have to end and the next day does indeed come. As bad as today ended up being, it will suprisingly not matter very much to me tomorrow. I hope the same for you as well. May your depression be whisked away with the thought that no matter what happens to you in a given could be much, much worse. I could've gotten in a terrible accident and been paralyzed for the rest of my life while driving home in the snow tonight...but I didn't. You could've broken a vertabrae instead of injuring one and you'd have to have been carried or airlifted off the mountain...but you didn't. All I can leave you with is the hope that no matter what happens in our lives, we can view everything with an ounce of objectivity and perspective. Usually perspective comes with time, but if we view things immediately within perspective, it saves us a whole lot of stress. I hope your back feels better and time with the wonderful Ms. Thompson increases. Peace - M Web.


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