Friday, September 15, 2006

Politics: Poly - Latin for 'Many'. Ticks - Blood-Sucking Creatures

Seeing as I am currently enrolled in an A.P. Government class, I have decided to put my current Political views up on this blog. They have already been published in the form of a comment on a teacher's site, but I would like to have a reference that I can access easily. After the course is over and my mind has been changed many times, I will post my new findings on all things political. Sounds good eh? Here goes:

War on Terror: Great idea. Necessary. Terrorism has been a background problem for a century. It came to light in 2001, and must be dealt with.
War in Iraq (yes, they are different things): Saddam needed to be displaced, but I don't think we did this for the right reasons or at the right time. Mainly the only reason I feel this way is because we have truly never been told why our troops are in Iraq. The war is not for oil. Have you seen gas prices lately? 'Nuff said. However, I think that there is a bigger reason, that the American public is unaware of, that U.S. troops are in Iraq. I think that info has not been released to the population yet. Will it ever be released? Not for me to decide.
Abortion: Both sides are wrong. Pro-life(rs) and pro-choice(rs) believe in blanket ideas. Either it is wrong or it is right. Here are the problems. If the government was to outlaw abortion, then abortion would not end. In fact, we would have women giving themselves abortions, or an abortion black market. If it is completely allowed, then it will become more available as a birth control method. It is nor heavily relied upon at the current moment, but it could be. Which is a horrible thought. A blanket law will never work for this issue.
Gay Marriage: This issue is really not about marriage. It is about a minority feeling that they are not being allowed to have the rights they want. Allowing gay marriage should not be the solution. Granting a different type of system (along the lines of common-law) should be adopted.
Tax: I believe that our tax system is really befuddled beyond repair and we need to replace it with something less confusing. I believe that a Flat Tax based on percentage would work the best for this country. I think it would work best, do I ever see it happening? No way. The rich would be way too opposed to it, and the rich are a powerful enough group to block something as massive as a new tax system from ever appearing.


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