Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Well, I WAS having a good day...

Yes yes, it's true. I'm a blog-surfer. I post in waves. Ha, yeah puns. Anyway, I tend to think that if I have nothing profound or political to post about, I shouldn't post at all. Thus, I haven't posted at all. Not that nothing has happened, in fact these past few weekends have been chalk-full of amazing events. Some of the highlights:
  • Spending lots of super quality with the ever lovely Ms. Thompson, who brightens my days.
  • An incredible weekend snowboarding and wrecking havoc with my church buds
  • Watching and laughing at the Super Bowl
  • Listening over and over to inspirational songs that make me think about every part of my life
  • Going to one of the most intense dance parties of all time

Some of the lowlights (Hey, it's a word. I just said it.):

  • Not getting to spend as much time as I would like with the lovely Ms. Thompson. Course that would entail a move on one of our parts and I just can't see that happening.
  • Taking the wickedest fall of all time and almost breaking a vertabrae. Yeah back pain!
  • Not being able to play lacrosse.
  • Not being able to write much this weekend. Vis-a-vis, the lack of blogs.
  • Not being able to get my groove on at the dance party due to the everpresent back pain.
  • Spending all my off hours at the chiropractor.
  • Not growing a single quater-of-an-inch in one year.
  • Re-reading this blog and getting really depressed.

Wow, so now I officially don't want to go do anything, for like a month. I just realized that nothing really good happened today. From waking up with the worst pain in my back so far, to a sub in my favorite class, to being completely lost in physics, to bombing my math test, to being absolutely dead tired after school, to admitting that I am in fact sick, to solving a lot of other peosple's problems, to homework. I'm going to paraphrase Swithfoot on this one: {today} left my head kicked in. Catch you guys on a much better day, I pray.